Amidst the glory of responsibilities and lessons the life gave her, she became wiser!

On the bike they were riding back to home after a long long day at college. She was admiring the beauty of the dusk at the river front , wheels of the competing with the pace of waves in water with the sun changing its colors, when she was taken back to the days a bit younger as he said,” Shall I tell you something?”.She replied affirmatively and then he added, “You know, you are not like typical girls awwwing all the time and getting jealous if other shows off well. You don’t feel jealous when someone does better than you do. Strong to stand before what is right. Fight for others. And most importantly, you don’t make others fight like a typical natured girl. You know what, you are not a girl though, you are a tom- boy. Why so?”. She was dumbstruck for a while not knowing whether to take proud of the praise or kick him on his ass for disrespecting other girls which they call “feminism” sometimes. So with the mingling thoughts in mind she choose to be silent and just give a small giggle not to make him know the silent thought that made her feel go loca, loca, loca!

Those days, she remembered, being a schoolie was so much fun! No whatsapp, facebook, snapchat and it was just chitchatt and fun all day long with a hobby of studying ( hope you smartyy people understand my words) A group of friends till high school consisted of just girls in loop when yes, they used to compete for the first rank but with positive and helpful thoughts. “We were second teachers to our friends, although girls”, she thought. We wanted to take photos all day but did not do it to see who is the most beautiful! We enjoyed the moments. These thoughts took her to the deeper meaning of the words spoken by him  ‘on a serious note’, she thought why are girls always thought to be typical? Grow up people, generation has changed, things are moving in a different way. I am not a feminist because I am writing in such a way but this is just to bring the topic unseen to the light. that yes, we are girls, but we don’t ask for empowerment. We even work hard for it. We have set goals in our life. Upps! Kuch jyada hi senti ho gae!

Her heart consoled her k baccha shaant ho jaa, time makes everyone understand everything and the thought jumped to the other, where she remembered losing faith on the people she trusted who back stabbed her and she felt his words were true-some. Life is such a beautiful journey na! Sad sometimes and happy sometimes but always giving a lesson after everything that it brings to us!

Jumping to the other, she realised how a responsibility of ‘responsibility’ she was blessed with or she took in the growing days. She believed that you have got just one life to live upon, so do all that you can and try your hands on everything. But, the thing is give your cent percent to everything with your whole heart……..



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